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Appraiser Profile

Greg Preugschat, President/Owner  
Certified Residential Appraiser

I founded Skyhawk Appraisal in May 2007 and I serve as President and Chief Appraiser. In 2000, I graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelors in Communications. During a portion of my college years (1997-2005) I worked full time in the Telecom Industry where I served as a billing analyst for Western Wireless, AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless. From 2005-2007 I worked as an appraiser trainee where I successfully completed two years of field work totaling over 2,500 appraisal hours and 200 classroom hours. Throughout my appraising profession I have taken numerous classes with the Appraisal Institute and Marshall & Swift Valuation Services. I'm a residential certified appraiser in the state of Washington and Alaska, license #1702508 and license #959, respectively. As a certified appraiser in the state of Washington and Alaska, I have completed numerous complex appraisals consisting of waterfront, view properties, acreage, and vacant land which requires a higher level of inspection and greater knowledge of the market area and also requires a more in depth analysis of the respective property’s value. I am currently certified to conduct FHA appraisals where a higher level of inspection is required. I continue to provide review work for several lending institutions to review and critique, in detail, the work and the final opinion of value from other certified and licensed appraiser's as well as produce an expert opinion of value used in mediation or to supplement expert testimony.